How to use ProtonVPN: Profiles, options and settings

  • ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a secured and powerful virtual private network provided by the same team of professionals behind ProtonMail, as world´s largest encrypted email solution globally. With plenty of features like traffic and IP encryption, this VPN allows you to rest assured respecting your privacy and confidentiality online. Surveillance, tracking and…

How to use ProtonDrive by ProtonMail

  • ProtonDrive

ProtonMail is the privacy-focused, encrypted and secure email solution. By taking advantage of this platform, users guarantee their confidentiality and anonymity online against risks that put freedom and personal information at stake. Surveillance, tracking, monitoring and plain espionage are some of these practices that infringe our privacy using the internet.…

ProtonMail settings: Encryption keys, Import assistant and IMAP/SMTP

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

With ProtonMail, users count on with a secure, private and encrypted email solution that protect personal information and avoid unethical practices online. Monitoring, tracking and general surveillance practices carried out online on the internet for profit purposes undermine user´s right to be anonymous. By using this service platform, users do…

How to install ProtonVPN for free

  • ProtonVPN

Counting on with a VPN nowadays is something almost mandatory, if we want to protect our privacy online and avoid IP tracking and general surveillance. The good news is, users have the possibility of relying on a powerful, easy to use and reliable VPN for free with ProtonVPN. Know more…

How to configure your domain names in ProtonMail

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

With ProtonMail, you get to enjoy of an encrypted, completely private and secure email platform, unique in this approach. In order to provide confidentiality, this email solution is based in Switzerland, so Swiss privacy laws protect users´ personal information. Also, encryption is present at a hardware and software level in…

How to upgrade from ProtonMail Free to ProtonMail Plus

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

ProtonMail is the most secure and private email solution in the world. This platform is ideal for users that worry about their personal information, respecting tracking, surveillance and other activities online that undermine confidentiality and privacy. To achieve this, ProtonMail is based on powerful encryption at a software and hardware…

ProtonMail: Upgrade plans, differences and advantages

  • ProtonMail Info

There is only one secure email service provider in the world, and is ProtonMail. With this platform, users can rest assured about their privacy, security and confidentiality online. This is thanks to a different set of advanced features, protocols, geographic location and even laws that guarantee the protection of personal…

What is OpenVPN/IKEv2 and how to use them?

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

Unfortunately, privacy, confidentiality and anonymity are liberties and fundamental rights that users cannot take for granted online. In fact, most of the web services, available platforms and related third parties want to obtain browsing and even personal information to profit or for advertising purposes. This is when a VPN like…

What is ProtonVPN by ProtonMail and what is it for?

  • ProtonVPN

Nowadays, browsing the web anonymously and privately is getting more and more difficult. Millions of websites, online services and companies behind these platforms have the interest of tracking and monitoring users, just like that. The purpose of this is to obtain profit or to sell them products better through ad…

What is Beta Access in ProtonMail?

  • ProtonMail Info
  • ProtonMail Tutorials

A beta release is the first full version of any software that is under development. At this stage, the software is considered finished and changes are off the table. However, fixing bugs and errors in general is imperative at this point, and counting on with the actual public and users…

ProtonMail Settings: identity and addresses, filters and auto reply

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

ProtonMail is the perfect email solution for those users that concern about their privacy online. Unfortunately, traditional email providers do not take confidentiality and anonymity seriously. In fact, many of them even take profit by monitoring user´s behavior, by selling information for ad targeting and more. On the other hand,…

How to enable two-factor authentication and two-password mode

  • ProtonMail Tutorials

With ProtonMail, users have the advantage of counting on with a secure, encrypted and powerful email solution that guarantees confidentiality and privacy online. This is the main focus of this platform, by protecting users through encryption technologies at a hardware and software level, with secured servers in Switzerland and protocols…

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