How to change your password in ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an email solution based on privacy and confidentiality values, considered unnegotiable human rights on behalf of the developers and creators of the platform. Like this, this email service is totally encrypted at hardware and software level. Servers are located in Switzerland, while different cryptographic protocols protect the user´s personal information.

Along with special features, ProtonMail provides more traditional security characteristics that help protecting the user´s account in case of risk. Know how to change your password respecting your ProtonMail account, easily.

Changing your password in ProtonMail

In case you have the suspicion your password has been compromised, the best idea is to change it for another one. To change your password in ProtonMail, open session like you normally would.

Once you are in your inbox, click on the “Settings menu” button and then click on “Go to settings” to access general configurations and options.

In seconds you will be in the Settings screen. The main menu is located to the left and shows different configuration categories, while to the right you will see options respecting every category. For password and related options, click on the “Password and recovery” category in the main menu to the left.

To the right, the first subcategory is Passwords. Click on “Change password” to start the passphrase modification process.

By doing so, you will be prompted with a window where the platform requests entering old and new password. If you have that information available, click on “Save” to complete the process.

The problem comes if you do not remember your old password. In that case, adding a recovery method will be the only way of adding a new password, since the old one will not be required. Scroll down a bit and you see you have two recovery methods you can set: via email address and phone number.

Let´s try it setting Phone number method. Enter the phone number in the corresponding field and then click on “Update”.

In seconds, the phone number should be established as a recovery method. A successful message should appear on the top.

Now you will be able to recover your account without remembering the last password, thanks to the recovery methods.

To do it, click here or access the URL address https://protonmail.com and click on “Log in”.

In the Sign in screen, click on “Need help” at the bottom and then click on “Reset password” in the list.

ProtonMail will ask you to enter your related email address or username. Click on “Next” when you do it.

In the next page, the platform will show the recovery options you have previously enabled as in the previous process. In the Phone number, enter the corresponding phone number in the field. Do the same process for email in case of having configured one instead.

Click on “Send code”

Enter the code you have received and click on “Reset password”.

The platform will show a warning telling the user that some data might be lost. Click on “Reset password” if you are sure.

The password has been reset. Enter a new one and click on “Confirm” to update it.

Waldo Casique:

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