How to configure your domain names in ProtonMail

With ProtonMail, you get to enjoy of an encrypted, completely private and secure email platform, unique in this approach. In order to provide confidentiality, this email solution is based in Switzerland, so Swiss privacy laws protect users´ personal information. Also, encryption is present at a hardware and software level in servers and regarding end-to-end encrypted networks. Like this, third-party access is almost impossible and privacy is guaranteed.

ProtonMail also includes professional functions that are perfect for advanced users, businesses and companies that need such options. One example is the domain name configuration. Let´s see how you can set it up.

Start using domain names in ProtonMail

With domain names in ProtonMail, you will be able to use a proper unique domain in your account. So, when you share it with others you get to provide a more professional look and general impact, since your email account have your business name.

This is how you can do it with ProtonMail:

  • First of all, open session by clicking here and then click on “Log in” so you can enter your username and password.
  • In your inbox, click on “Settings menu” and then click on “Go to settings” in the displayed menu.
  • In the Settings, look for the Domain names category to the left and click it, so you can have access to the different options.
  • In this category you will be able to set a custom domain. To do it, click on “Add domain” and the wizard should start. It is important to highlight that the domain name option is only available for paid subscribers. ProtonMail Plus account subscribers can use up to one custom domain name.
  • The process starts and first of all, you need to enter a domain you actually own. Complete the field and click on “Next”.
  • At this point, ProtonMail needs to verify if the domain name that was entered is actually yours. Therefore, the platform provides a DNS TXT to introduce in the control panel of the domain name registrar. Click on “Next”.
  • If the information is valid and ProtonMail verifies you own the domain, the wizard continues and the platform will ask you to set the MX, SPF, DKIM and DMARC records.
  • When all records are specific and accepted, you will be able to create an email account with your own custom domain and receive messages in your ProtonMail account. Click on the “Addresses” tab and then on “Add address”.
  • In the Create address screen, enter the requested information: an address, a display name and the domain itself. Select the domain from the dropdown domain list, it should appear the one you just have set. Click on “Save” to apply changes.
  • To end the process, select an encryption key from the list that prompts and then click on “Submit”. In this way, the actual custom domain will be created, set and ready to use. Now, the email account to will not be “” but something like this: “”.

Waldo Casique: