How to create and delete a folder in ProtonMail

The majority of us get to receive many emails every day, for different purposes and reasons that go from work to newsletters and messages sent by family members. In any case, a valuable tool to manage emails in our inbox is required most of the time, with folders acting as such and delivery that specific function. ProtonMail is a private email solution that allows using folder to organize messages in general.

Specifically, ProtonMail is the email platform focused on privacy, with security protocols and hardware-based technologies that guarantee confidentiality as a civil right online. Therefore, third parties will not read you messages and will not obtain profit from your personal information. Let´s learn how to use folders in ProtonMail and have an organized and clean inbox.

Create folders in ProtonMail: How to do it

Folders are containers where users can move and save messages from the inbox or any other folder, and in this way to have a more clear and organized platform in general. The good news is that, you will be able to create as many folders as you want for a more customized experience, according to your personal requirements.

Creating new folders is very easy. To begin with, you need to have a ProtonMail account and log in for you to do it. Visit the platform´s official website: “www.protonmail.com”, click on “Log in” and open session entering your credentials.

Now, you will be able to see on the left the folder section with default folders: Inbox, Draft, Sent, Starred, among others. These previously mentioned folders are unmodifiable.

Underneath the default folders at the bottom, there is the “Folders” section and in this one, the new container will appear as created. To start creating a new folder, click on the “Add folder” button with a “+” icon on it.

Instantly, it shows the Create folder window to add all of the folder´s characteristics. Fill in the spaces of folder name, folder location (set no parent folder if you want it to be a top-level one, or choose another folder so the new one would be its parent folder).

After entering all of the requested information, click on “Save” and the folder should be created. This is how it looks like:

How to move an email to a new created folder in Proton Mail

The main purpose of creating a new customized folder is to move emails into it, and therefore organize inbox and other containers in general. To move a message, go to the origin folder, in this case the inbox and select the message by clicking on its initials, like so:

With the message selected, now click on “Move to” as a button located on the tool panel on top. Available folders appear on the resulting list, so choose one and the message is moved to the new container automatically.  

Deleting a folder in ProtonMail

To delete a folder, click on the “Manage your folders” option above the list.

Like this, the Settings are shown and specifically the Folder and labels category. Right below the “Action” function, click on the arrow and choose the option “Delete” to remove the folder.

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