How to send an email in ProtonMail with images and videos?

Sending an email is not only about writing text anymore, allowing to share media files as attachments easily that is quite useful in any scenario. With ProtonMail, it is very simple to send messages that include images, videos, documents and other files. In this way, guarantying the privacy as main approach this email service is focused on is assured, with personal information always protected.

Let´s learn how to send an email in ProtonMail that include images, videos and other attached files that are shared along the message, so the recipient can download it without any hassle.

Opening session on ProtonMail

To actually start sending messages, we previously need a ProtonMail account and open session. To do it, access the platform´s homepage by entering the URL address: “www.protonmail.com” on your favorite browser.

Then, click on “Log in” as button placed on the top right and enter your credentials: email address or username and password.

If you do not have a ProtonMail account, click on “Sign up” on the home screen and complete the registration process.

Sending messages with attached files in ProtonMail

Now that we have opened session, writing a message and attach photos, videos or any other media or document file is going to be very easy. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Being in the inbox, click on the “New message” option right above the folder panel where email containers are located to start composing your email.
  • Immediately, a new message window will be shown to the bottom right corner. In here, you will be able to add recipients as needed, subject and the actual message with format option in the writing panel.
  • After introducing recipients, subject and the actual text, you can start adding attachments. Any type of file is compatible respecting media content and documents. The easiest way to attach files is by clicking on the “attachments” button with a clipboard icon on it as seen on the image.

By typing the keyboard shortcut “Control + Shift + A” attaching files is going to be even easier.

  • When clicking on the Attachment button or by using the shortcut, a window will appear where ProtonMail request searching and selecting the file to be attached. Select it with a double click.

Before the file gets attached, the platform will ask you if you need the file attached as external file in the email or inline, included on the text. Choose the option you see fit.

If you choose “Attachment”, the file is going to look like this and showing the file size for reference.

  • By repeating the process, you can add ad many attachments as you need as long as the storage capacity available is enough.
  • When the actual message is finished and all the required files attached to it so recipients may receive them in their inbox, the last step is clicking on “Send” and email will be sent within seconds.
Waldo Casique:

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