How to upgrade from ProtonMail Free to ProtonMail Plus

ProtonMail is the most secure and private email solution in the world. This platform is ideal for users that worry about their personal information, respecting tracking, surveillance and other activities online that undermine confidentiality and privacy.

To achieve this, ProtonMail is based on powerful encryption at a software and hardware level and users are protected by Swiss privacy laws. In other words, servers and headquarters that make the service possible locate in Switzerland. Therefore, European Union, the United States and no other country has jurisdiction over data and user´s personal information.

Currently, ProtonMail is available for free with limited options and through paid subscriptions that include the entire set of features. Learn how to upgrade from your ProtonMail Free account to a more complete ProtonMail Plus account.

Open session and start the ProtonMail account upgrade

So you can start the upgrade process, log in to your free ProtonMail account like you normally would. To do it, click here or access the ProtonMail official webpage https://protonmail.com and click on “Log in” on the button placed to the top right corner.

Now, fill out the fields with the requested information: username and password. Click on “Sign in” and you should be logged to your account in seconds.

In your inbox, go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the “Go to subscription plans” button with the up arrow icon.

Choosing the ProtonMail Plus plan and how to pay

In this page, the platform shows us the different available subscription plans: Plus, Professional and Visionary, with different features. In this case, click on “Select Plan” in the Plus section like you see on the image below.

This account is perfect for users that want a fully-featured encrypted email account, more storage, access to ProtonDrive and more.

In the next section you will be able to customize your plan. First, make sure the “Plus” plan first.

Scroll down a bit and you can see customization options. Click on the “+” in the corresponding field to add more gigabytes of storage, addresses and domains. Each added element will increase monthly price.

On the bottom there are options to choose a ProtonVPN plan. Click on the plan you want so it gets selected, in this case we are going to choose “Basic”.

At the top right, check your payment information. Choose if you want to pay monthly, annually or in a two-year period with discount.

Choose the type of currency you need to pay. You can select “USD”, “EUR” and “CHF”.

Check the total bill and if everything is OK, click on “Continue” to finish the payment process.

At this point, the platform will ask you for a payment method. You can choose between credit or debit card, PayPal account, Bitcoin and cash. Select the one prefer, enter the related information and click on “Pay” on the right. 

Since in this case we choose the PayPal option, ProtonMail take us to this platform so we can log in and pay. Enter your PayPal credentials.

When you have logged in on PayPal, finish the process by selecting your credit card or PayPal balance to pay and the process finishes.

Waldo Casique:

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