How to use ProtonDrive by ProtonMail

ProtonMail is the privacy-focused, encrypted and secure email solution. By taking advantage of this platform, users guarantee their confidentiality and anonymity online against risks that put freedom and personal information at stake. Surveillance, tracking, monitoring and plain espionage are some of these practices that infringe our privacy using the internet.

Fortunately, ProtonMail offers security respecting all of these regards. In the same way, through our ProtonMail account we can take advantage of other services designed under the same privacy and confidentiality principles. One of these platforms is ProtonDrive, as an encrypted cloud storage service.

With ProntonDrive, you will be able to upload files safely to your personal cloud and backup any information you need. Such files will be available in any other device with an internet connection.

Open session and access your ProtonDrive

For you to use ProtonDrive, you need to log in first by using your ProtonMail account. Click here to access ProtonMail official webpage or enter the URL address manually on your internet browser.

Go to the top right corner of your screen and click on “Log in”. Then, fill out the fields requesting your username and password so you can open session. Click on “Sign in” to access your inbox.


Now that you have logged in, you can open your virtual drive in ProtonDrive. On the top left corner, click on the “Proton applications” button and then select “ProtonDrive Beta”.

ProtonDrive is going to open in another window or tab on your internet browser.

Different options in ProtonDrive: How to upload a file

ProtonDrive is available by subscribing to a paid plan in ProtonMail. By choosing the Plus plan, you get up to 5 GB of storage capacity in your drive. This is how you start uploading files to have a backup or to have them available from any device.

  • Click on “New Upload”. You can either find this button on the left on top of the folder panel, or in the “My files section” when no file is uploaded yet.
  • Depending on your operating system, a window will appear asking you to choose the file to upload from a folder in your computer. Find, the file and double click on it, as you can see in the image below.
  • On the bottom right corner a progress bar shows the status of the uploading file.
  • When finished, the uploaded file appears in the My files section to the right of the layout. This is how it looks like.
  • If you need your folders, you can create them. Click on the “Create new folder” button, enter its name and click on “Create”.
  • The new folder should appear, just like so.
  • You can manage files too. To do it, select the file checking the box next to it with a click. An option panel will enable on top of the My files section.
  • Using this option panel you can carry out different actions, like moving files between folders, delete them or download them. For example, if you click “Move to folder” the platform will ask you to choose the folder and the selected file will be moved automatically by clicking on “Move”.

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