How to use ProtonVPN: Profiles, options and settings

ProtonVPN is a secured and powerful virtual private network provided by the same team of professionals behind ProtonMail, as world´s largest encrypted email solution globally. With plenty of features like traffic and IP encryption, this VPN allows you to rest assured respecting your privacy and confidentiality online. Surveillance, tracking and monitoring of personal information is off the table with ProtonVPN, even for free.

But, how to use ProtonVPN? Let´s show the different steps about how to open session, download the ProtonVPN for your device and start taking advantage of the platform. Also, we will be managing the different profiles, options and settings to enable and disable functions.

Opening session in ProtonVPN

You can start using ProtonVPN easily. First, open session like you usually would using ProtonMail. To do it, visit and click on “Log in” and enter valid credentials.


As you have access to your inbox in ProtonMail, locate the “Proton applications” button placed at the top left corner. Click on “ProtonVPN” to have access to the VPN platform.

Immediately, your ProtonVPN dashboard will appear so you can manage general options. Accessing directly from ProtonMail give you the benefit of accessing without entering account credentials again.

However, if you want to access your ProtonVPN account and manage it independently from ProtonMail, you can do it as well. Visit the URL address, click on “Login” at the top right corner and by entering valid username and password you will have access.

Downloading the ProtonVPN application on your device

ProtonVPN works through its specific application, depending on the user´s device and operating system. The platform is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more. In this case we will be using Windows as example and most common OS.

To download the app, return to your ProtonVPN dashboard. Locate the menu on the left and click on the option “VPN apps”. In this way, the platform will show available downloads for the different operating systems. In this case, click on “Download” below the Windows option.

The download should start right away. When it is finished, install the application on your device and run it. Open session with your ProtonVPN credentials as you normally would.

Using ProtonMail: Securing traffic and managing options

Once the application is up and running, this is how it looks like. For you to secure your connection, IP address and personal data immediately, click on “Quick connect” above the country list.

The platform will secure your connection in seconds and it will let you know. As you can see, the platform connects to a Switzerland server.

Now, on the left side you can the Countries tab. You can choose to connect servers in any country of the list if that is what you prefer. Countries with an onion icon are compatible with the Tor network, while those with the arrows are compatible with P2P technology.

Next to the Countries tan you have the Profiles tab. With profiles, you can set different settings for distinct connection and uses in general. Click on “Create profile” to come up with a new one.

If you want to change different options in ProtonVPN, you can do it through the settings. Click on the Menu button at the top left corner and then click on “Settings”.

In the settings, you can manage account, general and pricing tabs and change configuration respecting auto connect, kill switch, UDP protocol and more.

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