How to use the ProtonCalendar in ProtonMail: Create a new event

Email providers have become way more than just services where users send messages. Now, email solutions turn out to be functional platforms that include valuable tools to take advantage by users. Calendars, notes and contacts are great examples of such important tools users really appreciate. ProtonMail offers the ProtonCalendar as platform to save upcoming events.

ProtonMail is the private email provider you can use and do not get worried about third party access or tracking and monitoring. By having a ProtonMail account, you have the right to use other related services offered by this company based in Switzerland. One of them is the ProtonCalendar. Let´s learn how to use it.

What is the ProtonCalendar in ProtonMail?

The ProtonCalendar is the calendar platform provided by ProtonMail where the user is able to save events and reminders. This cloud-based calendar solution offers the same features the related email does: privacy, confidentiality and transparent use.

  • Opening the ProtonMail calendar

To have access to the ProtonMail and start using it, you need a ProtonMail account first. To have one, access the URL www.protonmail.com and click on “Sign up” to complete the registration.

If you have an account already, open session like you normally would. Being in your inbox in ProtonMail, click on the “Proton Applications” button and then click on “ProtonCalendar”. The platform will start loading in another window or tab.

This is how the ProtonCalendar looks like. Current month and calendars list appear on the left, while the detailed view appears on the right.

You can change the detailed view shown to the right by choosing the “Day”, “Week” or “Month” option on the top right corner, depending on your preference. 

How to add new events in the ProtonCalendar?

The main purpose of any calendar is allowing the user adding events and reminders, for later reference and as organizational tool. Adding a new event in the ProtonCalendar is very simple and you can do it by following the next steps:

  • Go to the top left corner and click on “New event” to start the process.
  • Instantly, a prompt window will appear asking for the information related to the event, so enter a proper title, time, participants, location, repeating option, calendar to be saved and description.
  • Once the entire information about the event is entered, click on “Save” and the event is stored for further reference and notification. This is how the event looks like on the calendar after is finished.
  • If you click on the event, it will show detailed information about date, title and more. In addition, the event is shown in red on the monthly view to the left.

How to delete an event in ProtonCalendar

Deleting an event in the ProtonCalendar is easy. To do it, click on the event and in the detailed section, click on “Delete” and the event will be deleted permanently.

The platform will show a prompt window for you to make sure about deleting the event. Click on “Delete” again to continue.

Waldo Casique:

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