ProtonMail Settings: identity and addresses, filters and auto reply

ProtonMail is the perfect email solution for those users that concern about their privacy online. Unfortunately, traditional email providers do not take confidentiality and anonymity seriously. In fact, many of them even take profit by monitoring user´s behavior, by selling information for ad targeting and more.

On the other hand, ProtonMail is completely secure and privacy-focused as approach that defend the human right of keeping personal information confidential, with the help of encryption technologies. Also, this email platform includes powerful setting and configuration options. Let´s review in this case Identity and address, Filters and Auto reply categories.

To access the Settings in ProtonMail, open session and click on the “Settings menu” button and then on “Go to settings” as in the image down below.


Identity and addresses configuration category in ProtonMail

In this section you can modify settings respecting display names and address. Click on “Identity and addresses” in the main menu placed to the left.

The Display name & signature is the first subcategory. In this one, you can change the email address, display name and signature. By clicking on “Email address” you can change between your email address and Short domain.

In the Display name field, you can modify the name as you please.

In the Signature field, change the signature that will be added to every message that you send.

To apply changes, click on “Update” and modifications will be applied.

The second subcategory is My addresses. Manage and select which of your addresses is the default one. To do it, on the addresses list, click and hold the one you chose and move it to the top.

Also, if you click on “Add address” you can increase the address number and choose. Fill out the Address and Display name fields and click on “Save address” to save changes.

ProtonMail Settings: Filters and how to manage them

Click on the Filters category in the Settings menu. In details, filters can perform actions and save certain types of messages automatically.

The first subcategory is Custom filters. By clicking on this one, you can create filters with specific functions. To add one, click on “Add filter” as below.

Now, enter the filter´s name and establish the conditions and actions respecting such filter. Click on “Next” until finishing the process.

The second sub-category is Spam filters. With this function, you can easily add email addresses or domains to the Allow list or block list. Click on “Add” in the Allow list or in the Block list and enter the email or domain so it can be filtered. Click on “OK” to apply changes.

Auto Reply configuration in ProtonMail

In ProtonMail you can set an auto reply as automatic message when you are not available. Click on Auto reply in the Settings category and then enable the option clicking on the switch icon to the right.

Fill out each field with the requested information and click on “Save” and in this way contacts will receive an auto reply on schedule.

Waldo Casique:

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