What are inbox and draft folders in ProtonMail and what are they for?

When it comes to email services, the most important folder must definitely be the inbox as the main folder. This is the case for every single email solution online, and it is no different for ProtonMail as privacy-focused platform that actually guarantees confidentiality and secure usage.

However, what are inbox and draft folders and what are they for in ProtonMail? Let´s review the function of these main folders and how is possible to take the most benefit from them. With ProtonMail, every email that arrives in the inbox is encrypted and no one can read it, not even the platform itself.

What is the inbox for in ProtonMail?

Specifically and like in any other email service, the inbox folder in ProtonMail is the main container where arriving messages are saved directly to. In this way, users get to check them easily and new coming messages will be always in the same place.

This is how the inbox in ProtonMail looks like, always available from the folder panel to the left.

Every message that is received goes to the inbox and it will be ready to check. For example, if you click on any email on the inbox, the message appears on the reading panel to the right. This is very helpful since you have both the emails list and an actual open message at the same time.

Also, by checking an email from the inbox you have access to other managing options. On top of the emails list you have the tool panel, from which you can: mark messages as read and unread, move to trash, move to archive, move to spam, move to (other folders) and label as. These functions help having a better-organized inbox and email in general.

What is the draft folder for in ProtonMail?

The draft folder is the one where all unfinished or incomplete messages go to, as container from which such emails can be resumed quickly. In ProtonMail, written messages go to the draft folder as back up automatically.

This is how the draft folder looks like.

For example, if we click on “New Message” and start writing a new email, by adding recipients and text the message will be automatically saved in the draft folder, either the message is sent or not.

This is the saved message in the draft folder while is being edited. So, in case of leaving the writing process information does not get lost.

Creating an account and logging in on ProtonMail

In case you do not have a ProtonMail account yet, you can do it easily by accessing the platform´s webpage. Open a new tab on the internet browser of choice and visit “www.protonmail.com”. Click on “Sign up” to start the registration process.

If you already have an account, logging in by clicking on “Log in” and enter your username and password to access your inbox and draft folders.

Waldo Casique:

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