What are Sent and Starred folders in ProtonMail and what are they for?

Most of the email services include main folders that allow managing upcoming messages better. For example, Sent and Starred folders are two of them that have as main purpose to organize the inbox and other containers in general. ProtonMail is the email platform that focuses on privacy as main approach, for users not to worry about third party access and confidentiality issues.

Along these lines, ProtonMail has default folders for users to take advantage, and Sent and Starred are two of such folders, having specific organizational functions and facilitating general usability of the platform. Let´s see.

What is the Sent folder in ProtonMail?

In details, the Sent folder is a default container available in ProtonMail, in which all of the emails that the users send get automatically saved into for later reference. In this way, all of the information shared by the user respecting messages is always available. Once you send a message, the platform moves it into the Sent folder without carrying out any other action.

Let´s write and send a message to see how this occurs. Open session and being in your inbox, click on “New Message”. Then, add all of the required information: valid recipients, subject and the text and attachments that you need to send.

Once you have finished writing the email, click on “Send”.

Automatically, the platform sends the message and at the same time, it moves it into the Sent folder. If you click on the folder located to the left, all of the messages you have sent will appear for later mention, in case you need to.

In the same way the user can do respecting messages in the inbox, they can manage emails in the Sent folders. To do it, take advantage of the tool panel on top of the emails list, and carry functions like move to trash, move to spam, move to archive, move to folder and label as.

What is the Starred folder in ProtonMail?

The Starred folder is like some sort of container where all of your favorite messages appear, in case you need to highlight them for some reason. ProtonMail is able to tell when a message should by starred, doing it instantly when relevant contacts send you messages.

This is how it looks like.

Now, if we have the intention we could turn a message into a starred one easily, and then it would show on the Starred folder. To do it, go to the container where the message is and click on the start icon on it. By doing so, the message is added automatically to the Starred folder.

How to have a ProtonMail account

In case you do not have a ProtonMail account just yet, visit the URL address “www.protonmail.com” and being on the home page, click on “Sign up” so the registration process starts. You will have your powerful and private email account in a few minutes.

Waldo Casique:

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