What is a label? How to create and delete one in ProtonMail

Receiving many emails is very normal for standard users: newsletters, subscriptions, work-related messages and more arrive every day to out inbox. Therefore, having tools to organize such messages is very valuable and allow saving time. In ProtonMail, one of these features for better organization and management of messages are labels.

ProtonMail is a private and secure email, as a service designed with an approach that put integrity and confidentiality as most important characteristic. Like this, users have guarantee in keeping privacy online as unnegotiable civil right. Then, dealing with tracking, monitoring, third-party access and other risks is not something to worry about using Proton Mail.

Logging in on ProtonMail to start using labels

To start using labels in ProtonMail, the first step is to sign in. Open a new window or tab using your preferred internet browser and access the URL address: “www.protonmail.com”. Then, enter the related credentials of the account and open session.

What is a label? Adding one in ProtonMail

Specifically, a label in ProtonMail is some sort of identifier that you can put in any email, and in this way recognize easily the function of that message according to the label, which can be a category or similar.

In this way, you will know exactly the purpose of a message that identifies with certain label, helping with general organization and when finding a specific email.

Creating a new label is very easy. Follow the next steps to do it:

  • Go to the very left of the layout where the folder panel is located. Below the folders, you will see the labels and this is where new ones should appear.
  • Click on “Add label” to start the process of adding a new one.
  • A window titled “Create label” should appear. Complete the information by adding the name of the folder and select the color of your choice for it, too. In this case, the new folder is entitled “Work” and it will be blue.
  • Click on “Save” to save changes.
  • Now, the new label shows on the labels list on the left, as seen on the image below.

Labeling emails with specific labels in ProtonMail

Now that we have created a label, it is time to use it. You can tag any email with a previously generated label easily, so find it later is simpler.

To do it, click on the email you need to label in whatever folder is located. Now, go to the tool panel on top of the emails list and click on the “Label as” button. Labels should appear.

Select the label you want the message to be labeled with and click on “Apply”.

Immediately, the message shows its label on the emails list and is easier to identify.

In addition, if you click on the actual label on the label panel to the left, all of the emails tagged with it will appear on a list, for better convenience.

Waldo Casique:

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